There is a deliberateness with the color choices and placement of each pour, but resin has it’s own magical way of flowing, filling spaces , and mixing in the molds with it’s own energies, almost as if it’s alive, that adds so much beauty to the process. No matter how much intention we have in any decision, the outcome is never the same or what we expect. It is exciting!

The Story

Creating jewelry is a spiritual meditation for Liz, an intense search for knowledge; always curiously researching new techniques for innumerable ideas. It is also an attempt to slow down, recharge, and be more in touch with the present moment. The global connection that art creates is inspiring, the melding of the souls of artist and wearer.

Liz is formally trained as a goldsmith and has worked for designers on both sides of the country in California and Vermont. In 2014, as an attempt to fulfill a life-long dream, she and her business partner opened the brick and mortar store Paper Rock Scissors on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  A boutique dedicated to supporting only small, independent artists and designers. Being surrounded by so much creativity in the shop everyday, inspired Liz to begin her newest jewelry collections full steam ahead.  

All three collections are a mix of hand poured resin and laser cut acrylic. All resin pieces are modeled, molded, hand pigmented and poured.    The acrylic pieces are designed by Liz, laser cut by professionals, then heat bent into shape. The pieces become a canvas for her love of travel, history, spirituality, color, nature, and fashion.  She has been one known for an eclectic style and bold, theatrical jewelry. Many of the ARMOR objects are rooted in the regalia and ornamental symbols of the the ancients, their meaning and beauty of which she is continuously in awe. Her work is an ongoing attempt to articulate the wonders of a world that is often overlooked and of times gone by and forgotten.